Provide First Aid HTLAID011

Previously HLTIAD003

Learn how or refresh your knowledge and skills to provide first aid in this one day first aid training course.

The Health Training Package has updated and are mandatory from October 2021 – all courses completed under the old versions prior to October 2021 are still valid – 12 months for Provide CPR and Advanced Resuscitation and 3 years for Provide First Aid and Provide Basic Emergency Life support.


First Aid Action will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to administer first aid to a casualty who has sustained an injury or illness, until the arrival of professional medical help.

Course Description

Whilst the theory and concepts of First Aid are covered in the course, the Provide First Aid One Day Course focuses on the various practical skills needed to administer first aid. A Learner Guide and online theory is utilised to limit the face-to-face contact post COVID and must be completed prior to attending the course. This allows the client to study the theory at their own pace. Our One Day Provide First Aid course uses a very “hands on” approach where theory is learnt while performing scenarios relevant to the client’s industry. We use a theatrical approach to the role plays to make them appear very realistic. Mix’n’match games, group activities, video and PowerPoint presentations makes this course interactive and a very enjoyable learning experience. We also have a new addition “Eileen” who is a full sized manikin to assist with demonstrations and scenarios.

This course can also be delivered over two days (no workbook required) depending on the clients needs.


Principles of First Aid, Legal issues in first aid, examining a casualty, the chain of survival, basic life support flow chart, emergency action plan, managing the unconscious casualty, choking, airway management, rescue breathing, chest compressions, first aid hygiene, trauma management (bleeding, crush injury, shock, burns, electric shock, facial injuries, head & spinal injuries, chest injuries, abdominal injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries) medical emergencies (anaphylaxis, asthma, croup, epiglottitis, diabetes, drowning, epilepsy, febrile convulsions, fainting, heart conditions, hyperventilation, poisoning, stroke, heat and cold emergencies, venomous bites and stings)

Prerequisites /Entry Requirements

Minimum age for participants is 14 years.

Certificate Validity

The Nationally Recognised Provide First Aid Certificate is valid for 3 years after which a Provide First Aid Refresher course is completed. The Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation component which is covered in the Provide First Aid course, must be updated every 12 months to maintain competency in the skills required in an emergency situation.

* These are recommendations from the Australian Resuscitation Council


First Aid Action is a registered training organisation (RTO), recognised within the VET quality framework. This course is designed to meet the requirements of nationally recognised competency standards.


First Aid Action are very flexible in the delivery of any of the courses. All of the courses can be conducted on your premises for your convenience (minimum numbers apply) or come and join us at our Public Course locations. Please view our calendar via the home page.
Public Course Locations:
Tingalpa Hotel, Tingalpa
Brothers Leagues Club, Raceview
Northlakes Community Centre, Northlakes

The one day Provide First Aid course can also be divided and delivered over 2 days if that is more convenient. We can also conduct the course in two full days (no workbook required) depending on the clients needs.

Please do not hesitate to call and find out when the next courses are being conducted or to make a booking.

Price: $115 per person

This course is GST free.
Provide First Aid | Resuscitation | First Aid Action | First Aid Training
Provide First Aid | Resuscitation | First Aid Action | First Aid Training
Provide First Aid | Resuscitation | First Aid Action | First Aid Training

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